We am thankful you have found our website and pray the information contained here will be of an encouragement to you in your Christian walk of faith as well as inform you of the ministries and happenings at Sandy Run.

Sandy Run has a rich and beautiful history dating back to 1772.  Our congregation is the mother church for the Sandy Run Baptist Association and has helped start numerous churches in Cleveland & Rutherford Counties through the decades.  We value our rich heritage and uses this powerful story as a root system to grow toward the Son.  With such a strong past, we are moving forward into the future.  We hope that you will become a part of the story of God at Sandy Run!

We are a body of believers who are being ever-transformed by the eternal grace of God found in Jesus Christ.  We gather weekly for worship, for Christian education, for fellowship, and for service.  Worship is a critical aspect of the Christian life as it gives expression to our relationship with God.  It grants us the opportunity to enter into and be changed by the presence of God.  Worship should be corporate as well as individual and, at Sandy Run, both find expression.  Christian education is a time to learn and grow in the truths of God found in God’s Word.  We enjoy spending time with one another and the strengthening of these relationships through fellowship.  These times of fellowship provide the opportunity for the family of God to be encouraged by one another.  All of this (worship, Christian education, and fellowship) push us toward service in God’s Kingdom.  Faith is not simply something we hold, it is something that we live on and live out.  Serving in God’s Kingdom is important to Sandy Run and, as a result, we participate in many service and missions projects and ministries.

Please take time to look through our website.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact our church office.  We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our many gatherings!

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